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Fairview Windows and Doors

Fairview Windows and Doors

Product or Service

Re-brand of Fairview Windows and Doors, launch of new Fairview One, new website build, showroom re-design.


Mighty initially went through a competitive pitch, securing the re-brand work. Fairview wanted to move towards a trade and architectural position, reducing the consumer focus in the present brand.

At the same time Mighty was undertaken to complete the launch of a new system and the associated collateral and campaign.


Mighty developed a brand which reduced the amount of red in the brand, but increased the focus on beautiful imagery. Interesting nods to architects were added with transparent tracing paper introduced within the literature.

The website was redeveloped to focus on the specifier and builder communities separately, allowing Fairview to deliver different information to each group.

The name of the new system was changed from Fairview Zenith to Fairview One to reflect the key differentiator – One system for multiple applications, replacing multiple systems and simplifying consenting and specification.